What’s this website all about?

Musicians are facing a short term crisis of loss of work due to the Corona virus and the lockdown restrictions, but they are also facing a long term crisis of supply exceeding demand and the number of concert venues and clubs reducing. This means that many musicians will be forced to find additional work outside the music industry and become in effect part time professional musicians. They may also need accommodation.

The best support one can give a musician is paid work!

The main aim of this site is to assist musicians through this transition by helping musicians to advertise their non-musical services to the music lovers who would like to support them.

Much of the support for classical music comes from retired people who need a variety of services and can use their buying power to help musicians. Some may be able to offer accommodation.

Musicians have three advantages in providing other services:

  • They have a reputation to maintain and will be more trustworthy
  • They are highly educated and intelligent and so are interesting to talk with
  • The shared love of music will help to create a good relationship

How the site works

Supporters can advertise jobs that they want done so that musicians can apply for them. They can also aoffer accommodation.

Supporters can look for musicians to do specific jobs.

Musicians can advertise their services and browse the jobs on offer.

Musicians can find accommodation.

Connections only, no transactions

The aim of this site is only to connect supporters and musicians. This site does not support transactions so it is up to the supporter and the musician to arrange and negotiate any transaction and we can accept no liability for any problem arising from use of this site.

This is a free service developed by volunteers to support musicians. Please respect this objective and its limitations.

Safety and References

This is your responsibility. We recommend that all parties make appropriate checks and obtain references. For musicians we suggest that you provide some evidence of your musical qualifications. We recommend that supporters provide written feedback on work undertaken that musicians can make avaialble to prospective clients.

If the site becomes well used we may extend it in fuutre to provide feedback through this site.

Please note that this site is currently under development and the plan is to launch in December 2020